Why would a visitor come back?
Are teenagers welcome here? What are you doing for them?
Who on your team will make decisions about place?
How do you imagine this place will feel on New Year's Eve?
Why will children play here? What will they do?
Will tourists come here?
How do you imagine this place will feel on Sunday morning?
How do you imagine this place will feel on Thursday night?
How do you imagine this place will feel on Saturday night?
What do people want you to do - that you don't want to do?
Why would a visitor come back?
What won't I be able to do here?
What brands or type of coffee shop do you see in this place?
What will make people stay in this place?
Are developers capable of making great places?
Where have you seen that has got it right?
Who is your ideal occupier and what would they need to come?
How do you imagine this place will feel on Monday lunchtime?
How many people will live and/or work here?
Describe the last great retail experience you had.
How many days until you open?
How important is public art?
Who at your company is best placed to deliver a successful place?
Will people wear ties here?
Think of a place that has made you angry. Tell us why.
Think of a place that has made you happy. Tell us why.
Who is thinking about customer experience?
Describe a great place surrounded by terrible architecture.
Describe the last great customer experience you had.
What's more important for placemaking: architecture, public space or the ground floor?
Describe something that could help you launch and sell without the use of advertising.
When thinking about commercial tenants, who do you say no to?
Give us your 7 second elevator pitch for this development.
Describe this place without using the words vibrant, mixed-use, iconic, landmark, authentic, bespoke, exciting or community
How could older people be better valued in this place?
What will this place feel like on opening day?
How could a Place Director change this project?
Tell us something you love about this project or company.
What do you hope to get out of this project?
Why should people believe that this team can deliver a great place?
What was the last great place you visited? What made it great?
Could this organization could be better set-up to deliver place?
Who do you think this place is for?
What is the single biggest issue facing this project?
Are you focused on product or experience?
Does great architecture mean a great place?
How does your team make decisions that affect place?
What single thing makes you most excited about this project?
How do you bring authenticity to a place?
What do you think this project means to this city?
How is this place welcoming and supporting BIPOC communities?
Is this project a new neighbourhood, or part of an existing neighbourhood?
Will our development create a sense of community? How?
Will our public spaces have programming?
Name + explain something you love about this city.
Name + explain something you wish was different about this city.
How could we bring in more diverse perspectives when making decisions about place?
What about this project have we not thought enough about?
Will vulnerable groups feel safe at night here?
How are we contributing to and considering surrounding communities?
Will future generations look at this project and think that we made the right decisions?
Does this place make your city better for everyone? If yes, how? If no, why not?