We Realise Potential

Whether you already have your vision, or you still need to define it, our place process is straightforward, result-driven and unlocks hidden value.
Our services
Value-added placemaking
MurrayTwohig provides value-adding
strategy services in three ways:


Finding the why

A process of workshops enabling you to establish a clear idea of what you are making, why and for who. This produces 4 key deliverables:

  • Project Vision Statement (what is this place)
  • Place Narrative (selling the story)
  • Place Strategy (the roadmap to success)
  • The Principles (sticking to the plan)


Landing the value

Then, we help you execute your plans in order to maximise support, demand and value. We focus on 9 primary workstreams:

  • Ground Floor Land-use Planning
  • Staged Placemaking and Phasing
  • Meanwhile Strategy and Phase 1 Amplification
  • Management Strategy and Organisational Delivery
  • Retail Merchandise and Mix Strategies
  • Public Space Activation Strategy
  • Masterplan and Planning Briefs
  • Place Engineering the Masterplan
  • Viability Analysis


Game plan and execution

We also work with clients to implement their place visions and strategies. Our process and development experience can be applied to any number of challenges:

  • Bid Vision, Strategy and Narrative
  • Planning Vision, Strategy and Narrative
  • Sales Vision, Strategy and Narrative
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Brief Writing
  • Architectural Competitors
  • Charettes and Rapid Prototyping
  • Cultural Strategies
Our Approach
How we help
We embed value at every stage of the process
Pre-aquisition /
Bid Advisory
Project Vision
Development Strategy
Architectural Competition
Stakeholder Engagement
Planning Narrative
Ground Floor Strategy
Programming +
Activation Strategy
Place Phasing
Meanwhile Use Strategy
Delivery Advisory
Our process
We've spent 20 years developing a placemaking process that is as easy as 123
MurrayTwohig will help you rapidly unlock and capture the knowledge and passion in your team and turn it into a clear, differentiated vision and results focussed strategy. Then we can help you execute it with confidence.



Research & Analysis

We start with learning and discovery. We will listen and learn about you and your project, go with you on site tours, neighbourhood tours and conduct market and competitor audits. We run some workshops and generally get under the skin of the project.



Workshops & Learning Journeys

We design a set of workshops, events and exercises, specific to your project. Our portfolio of over 100 workshops are challenging and insightful, and are designed to share knowledge, unlock insight and rapidly build consensus to create a single vision. We show how the new insights can be applied to your project, allowing the team to see the project’s opportunities in a new light.


Place strategy

Game plan and execution

Our findings are distilled into a vision, a set of principles, and implementation direction that the team can champion and execute. The result is a clear articulation of what you are making, why and for who, as well as a delivery strategy to realise the vision. This creates team cohesion, eases decision-making and helps build support with planners, local communities, press, stakeholders and future customers.

Our Work
We develop tools to share insight internally and externally
Here are two examples of bespoke deliverables we've created for our clients: